Worthless Checks

The 23rd Judicial District Attorney’s Office has a Worthless check Enforcement program to track down bad check writers and recover restitution to victims.

Eligible Checks
  • NSF Checks – Must have been written in the Parish of Ascension, St. James or Assumption
  • Closed account checks
  • Frozen/blocked
  • Refer to Maker
Ineligible Checks
  • Checks over 120 days
  • Stop-Payment checks
  • Checks for which partial restituion has been received
  • Checks already turned over to a private collection agency
  • Checks written for pay day loans
Checks that should be brought to Law Enforcement
  • Forged checks
  • Fictious checks
  • Out of State checks
How to Apply

Send a Ten (10) Day Demand Letter “certified return receipt requested” to issuer of bad check, after ten days, if the check has not been paid, please complete the following:

  1. Complete Worthless Check Report
  2. Forward the Worthless Check Report as well as the original returned check and the certified returned